Post Nr. 1

I have recently realized that I apparently suffer from social anxiety. This explains the blushing, hating to be in the center of attention, completely irrational nervousness when speaking to higher-ranking people. Great to know!

Funnily, that also explains something else: My fear of being read. I love writing. But I really do not want anyone to read what I write. I would like to be an author. But I do not want people to know that it was me who wrote something. How stupid is that?

I even cannot write facebook updates. It just makes me too nervous. I cannot comment on other people’s updates. Or if I do it I freak out and am afraid to open facebook for the next days (which is a good thing, in fact. Facebook is really terrible and I hate it.)

Anyway, as a random exercise, I am now starting this blog. If you do not read it, you will do me a favour, in fact. Go away. 🙂

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One Response to Post Nr. 1

  1. Avijit says:

    I almost read all ur blogs in last couple of hrs…really interesting…its funny i was looking for ‘why dutch food is bad’.

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