Clean kitchen surfaces of goblins — 25 XP

For anyone who hates doing housework and likes games or is competitive (like me) I would like to advertise something that really improved my life: the website chorewars. It works better if you can play it against someone, ideally other people in your household, but if you live alone you can of course also play against other people that you know.

If I have washed dishes, I log into chorewars and gain XP, gold pieces, can find treasures or encounter monsters. Sounds extremely childish. But it works!!

This site has ended all discussions about housework my boyfriend and I have had. I do not complain anymore about nobody noticing my work, he does not feel treated unfairly, and the level of cleanliness in our flat has markedly improved. Somehow, there are now always fresh towels — L. has discovered doing laundry is something that gives quite a lot of point for the effort it seems to take him. (This is not the case for me, since I hate doing laundry).  Even the glass gets recycled regularly (sometimes nearly too often), broken lightbulbs are immediately replaced, toilets are cleaned, last week I even cleaned the fridge for the second time in the last 4 months.

L. and I are always in close competition, so the last weekend of the month, a  lot of things gets done since both want to win. If one of us starts to work, the other soon gets nervous, jumps up and also tries to find something to do. Not out of friendliness, but out of sheer competition. 🙂

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