What to blog about

I need to calm down. Since I started this blog a few days ago, my mind is constantly coming up with topics that I want to write about, even against my will. It is like I opened this door in my head and now all these ideas are pouring out. I want to write about totally trivial things, myself, the Universe and everything in between.

But instead of writing more posts, I should slow down. I should try to think about what kind of blog posts I enjoy most myself.

I love extremely personal posts, since I am very curious about what goes on in other people’s mind. This is one of my favourite posts ever, describing how a normal conversation feels to someone with mild autism.

I also love well-written rants and complaints. I love insightful posts about  gender stereotypes, since they for some reason greatly cheer me up.

Then, I just love Clarissa. I am addicted to her blog. It combines everything I like about blogs. I don’t know which post I should use as an example. Maybe this one or this.

If I admire something enough, like Clarissa’s blog, it usually  means that I at some point need to try it myself. When I was a child and read an amazing book about a robot I needed to write a really crappy story about a robot too. When I had my phase when I was addicted to ghost stories I had to write ghost stories. (This was actually something I was good at. This should have been my career). Then I read about people spending their lives thinking about wormholes and was so jealous of that that I had to study physics.

This kind of process does not really make me feel in control over my life. 🙂

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2 Responses to What to blog about

  1. Oh, thank you so much! You’ve made my day with these kind words.

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