The most terrible books I had to read at school

Here’s an extremely fun meme created by voxcorvegis and taken on by Clarissa.

The question is: Which is the most horrible book you have read at school and why did you hate it so much?

I could not bring myself to a single choice, so here are the top three:

  • Willhelm Meister’s apprenticeship by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The book is plagued by stereotypical and flat writing, as if written by an 16-year old, and left me absolutely cold. It also was the only book I ever had to read at school that I could not bring myself to finish. It left me with a disliking for Goethe as a person that I have never been able to overcome.
  • The Marquise of O by Heinrich von Kleist. Extremely repugnant book about a woman who is raped in her sleep and in the end proceeds to marry the rapist and lives happily ever after. It is written in a light tone, with the rape very famously happening within a “­—” in the text. I hated reading and discussing this book at school intensely.
  • One of the 75 “Commissaire Maigret”  books by George Simenon. A French lesson in which we discussed the colour of some jacket someone was wearing in this book has burnt itself into my memory as the most painfully boring moment in all of my teenage years.

Which books did you hate most?

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1 Response to The most terrible books I had to read at school

  1. I can’t believe you had to read the Marquise of O at school! I’ve never read it but I’ve heard of it, and it doesn’t sound like it’s suitable reading material for school kids.

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