A complete list of things that I am not interested in

  • Collecting things
  • Organizing events
  • Bringing a cake or any other type of food anywhere
  • Listening to people talk about their stomach flus, and how they get passed around in their family
  • Negotiations
  • Workplace politics
  • Following arbitrary rules
  • Doing things last minute
  • Most types of powerpoint slides
  • The opinions of most liberal arts students about art and science
  • People complaining about how bad everything is done except the things they do themselves
  • Religious people
  • Noticing and greeting people that I do not know well and do not care about
  • Listening to people ramble about detailed problems in their work
  • In general listening to people ramble about their problems that they claim are absolutely insolvable
  • People apologizing for the food they have cooked
  • People talking about restaurants in places that I have never visited
  • Detailed accounts of weekend plans including people and places I do not know
  • People telling me details about the problems of other people that I do not know, and expecting me to react empathetically or impressed
  • Being diplomatic towards assholes
  • Answering phone calls
  • Opening my mail
  • Sorting out paperwork
  • Doing household work
  • Buying clothes
  • Stories about small children, cats and dogs and other pets particularly if I do not know them personally, particularly when involving gross mishaps with food or bodily fluids
  • In general: gross and/or cute stories of any kind that seem to warrant some empathetic reaction on my part
  • Construction sites and any related issues
  • Cars, motorbikes and any related issues
  • Cosmetics, anti-aging and in particular cosmetic surgery
  • The year you traveled around in South America, and how much it widened your horizon, before you came back and continued your life exactly as it was before
  • Your amazing holidays in boring location xyz
  • The health problem of your greatparents, great-aunts etc. that I have never met and never will meet
  • The state mottos, state flowers and state cacti of American states
  • Local traditions and local sayings
  • Americans and their special kind of sports
  • All conversations about how expensive something is
  • All conversations about traffic
  • All conversation about home renovations
  • Furniture, especially designer pieces and how much your designer chair costed
  • Your expensive kitchen and how long it took to get it installed
  • Antiques
  • Open-Air Festivals
  • Sailing
  • Team sports
  • Pets and anything related to them
  • Theme parks
  • Skiing
  • Biking
  • Oral recounts of youtube videos
  • Expensive gourmet restaurants and the kind of rare snail tartar they offer only on the first Wednesday of the month
  • Where someone lives exactly if I don’t plan to ever visit them (no, it is the 5th floor, on the very right!)
  • When something happened exactly, when the exact time plays absolutely no role for the story someone is trying to tell me
  • The history of the arbitrary workplace rules that we are following at the moment
  • Political opinions that come directly from the right-wing pamphlet.
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3 Responses to A complete list of things that I am not interested in

  1. ridicuryder says:

    Hey Zinemin,

    Great list, especially the diplomacy with assholes bit.


  2. xykademiqz says:

    I chuckled out loud at these
    Where someone lives exactly if I don’t plan to ever visit them…
    When something happened exactly, when the exact time plays absolutely no role for the story…
    The health problem of your greatparents, great-aunts

    Most of these would hold in the US for sure. Looks like the obnoxious rules of small talk might be the same in Western Europe?

    I guess you dislike all small talk and all superficial interactions, right? Who can blame you… Small talk is the reason I can’t get my husband to go to parties; he can’t stand these shallow conversations and I can’t say I don’t see his point; I hate them, too, but it seems you have to go through them to actually get to know people… Sadly, you have to talk about boring stuff with many, many people to occasionally hit it off with someone.

    Unrelated: How is your new job?

    • zinemin says:

      I cannot even say I dislike all small talk. Just some subcategories that especially go on my nerves. I admit these cover about 60% of all small talk. 🙂 Thanks for asking, I have been trying to write a blog post about my new job, but it always turned out to be very boring. Overall, the job is okay, but I start to feel restless already.

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