Attempts at conversation with other physics teachers

Physics Teacher: How much did you make at the Big Company?

Me: About the same as here.

PT: Only? Why did you leave? It was because everyone only cared about money, right?

Me: Yes.

PT: I hate that too. I calculated that during my PhD I lost about 200 k that I would have earned in any other job.

Me: That did not matter to me either. I even did 2 postdocs after that with very low pay. But it was interesting work.

PT: You did two postdocs? How much did you earn in your postdoc?

Me: 2000 per month.

PT: Only?!

Me: Yeah.

PT: With those 200k I lost during my PhD, I could now make the down payment for a house. I am surprised you didn’t earn more than us at the Big Company!

Me: Well.

PT: I once had a job offer in a place where they said some starting salaries are 150 k. For programming. I’m very good at programming.

Me: Okay.

PT: But those people at these kind of jobs, they only care about money. So annoying. Here, we have freedom and independence.

Me: Yes, exactly.

PT: How much did you make exactly at the Big Company?

Me: 110 k.

PT: Wow, that is not much.

Me: Have you always wanted to be a Physics teacher?

PT: No! I always wanted to be a teacher. But not a Physics teacher! Actually, after high school I wanted to study Spanish and become a Spanish teacher. Because I was in love with my Spanish teacher. I even joined the swimming team because of her. But my father said, my son will not study a language, no way. He will study Maths. So I said okay. Then we went to my uncle, who was an engineer. And he said, no, you shouldn’t study Maths, but Physics, this is more useful. So I said okay. And I started studying Physics. When I came home one Christmas I told my father I don’t like Physics, I am quitting. And he said, we are not quitters in our family. You will get a diploma in Physics, if you like it or not. And I did.

Other Physics Teacher: Wow, you are for sure easy to influence.

Physics Teacher: What are you drinking?

Me: Ginger Tea.

PT: Oh God. This is dreadful. My crazy ex always drank Ginger Tea. I hate this stuff.

Me: …


PT: I read pretty weird books.

Me: Like what?

PT: The Hammer of Witches.

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2 Responses to Attempts at conversation with other physics teachers

  1. xykademiqz says:

    This is hilarious! How’re you doing, zinemin? How long since you went back to teaching? Are you enjoying it? I hope you’re doing well and you’ll get a chance to blog more!

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