You are not living in a dystopia

Annoying article of the day complaining earnestly that dystopian TV series and books didn’t prepare us for the current crisis, which the author in all seriousness claims is “the apocalypse.”

This is as intelligent as complaining that reading hundreds of crime stories did not prepare you for the experience of getting robbed, or watching Greys Anatomy did not prepare you for the experience of being a patient in a hospital.

How naive can one possibly be?

Also, the current crisis is not the apocalypse.

Much of what is happening now can be solved, if politicians and other leaders decide to solve it. By pumping massive amounts of money into the economy, by investing as much as humanly possible into research for all sorts of possible solutions to halt the spread and finally stamp out this illness.

Even if some politicians still hesitate, they will all realize that this is the only way, sooner or later.

Meanwhile, much of life actually goes on. Babies are still born, people die of many other causes, factories are open, much of international trade is still happening, most countries have functional governments and people still have the time and energy to complain about dystopian TV series, of all things.

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