Base jumping and COVID-19

One of the things that is quite tiring about this whole crisis is how many lies and dumb conspiracy theories are repeated anywhere you look. Especially annoying are the people who still claim that this disease is not that dangerous. Yes, the initial death rates are overestimates because of asymptomatic and mild cases.
But even if they correct for this (and there are several independent methods used for this, like by looking at mutations of the virus etc.), current estimates are still around 0.5%-1% (including asymptomatic and mild cases!).
What many people do not seem to get is that a probability of dying of 0.5% is very high compared to the risks we normally accept in life. Only base jumpers are fine with risks like that.
Also, a probability of ending up in intensive care for weeks of 10% is very high too. People maybe don’t realize how brutal intensive care is. And it is even worse if the people caring for you in this situation are scared, overworked and trying not to get infected by you.
How is it possible that even intelligent people have not understood that yet? It seems clear that the lockdown will be partially lifted, reinstated, new methods (like masks, tracking etc. ) will be tried in the coming months. And all will be forever accompanied by a chorus of idiots claiming that the disease is not that bad. Especially if the governments make good decisions and not that many people die, they will always claim that we should have done less or nothing.
So annoying. And it also explains why we can’t act against climate change before major catastrophes happen; because then all the idiots who think it was a hoax all along will claim they were right and try to undo the changes we made.


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