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COVID-19 tests not being used

Many countries struggle with insufficient testing capabilities. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, hospitals and labs say that they could be doing many more tests with their newly bought machinery but are not allowed to. Because the government does not want to loosen … Continue reading

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Six disadvantages of “guess” culture

This post that was linked on Captain Awkward has really taught me something new about life, that I will not forget soon. In short, the idea explained in those posts is that there are two kinds of people: “ask” and … Continue reading

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Social anxiety II – Rediscovering anger

For years, my tendency for delayed anger reactions has puzzled me. For example, I can spend an evening with a friend who makes a mean comment to me, or pressures me into doing something I don’t want. I register this … Continue reading

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Manipulating people 102

I have written about manipulation by narcissists before. Today I’ll  write about the more common kind of manipulation. In my family, manipulation is the normal means of communication. It is close to impossible to get people to clearly express their … Continue reading

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Manipulating People 101

Yesterday, Clarissa wrote a great post about narcissists which I could not get out of my mind, and instead of posting a long comment, I am going to extend Clarissa’s list here according to my own (very bad) experience with such … Continue reading

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