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Understanding Physics in High School

I am wondering if one of the problems that students with a fear of maths and physics have is that their mental concept of what “understanding something” means is not adapted to those subjects. For example, I had a very … Continue reading

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Social anxiety in high school

Teaching teenagers and getting to know them is fascinating, and often makes me think about my own teenage years, and how defining they were for me. When I was a teenager, I was extremely performance-oriented. I felt that I had … Continue reading

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From postdoc to high school physics teacher: Some things I did and did not expect

A year ago, I was still in my second postdoc, living abroad and interviewing for tenure-track positions. Now I am a physics teacher at a high school back at home. I did not know that teaching can be so immediately … Continue reading

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Class dynamics

A month ago, I took over 2 maths classes which were both not in a good state: their previous teacher had been giving unsatisfactory marks the entire classes, and they were discouraged with maths and generally in a bad mood. … Continue reading

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Why I decided to become a teacher, despite my introversion

So, last month I left science after 10 years, and started as a substitute teacher at a high school. I currently plan to become a high school teacher in physics and maths, which means getting an extra degree. The main … Continue reading

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