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The impact of motherhood on the lives of women: An analogy

Imagine you live in a world very similar to yours, except that there is a war that has been going on for centuries. The borders need to be protected against the Orks. As tradition dictates, this hard but honorable work … Continue reading

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Why do women leave science?

There are many programs going on trying to lure more girls into studying engineering and physics (some good, some bad), which seems, at first sight, great; but sometimes I wonder. Shouldn’t we first make sure that the women who are … Continue reading

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The friendship algorithm and the leaky pipe

I have agonized a lot about why I have not found a good friend at my new institute. In all other social structures I have been in my life for longer than about a year, I have found a person … Continue reading

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How drinking alcohol does not help me to make friends

Physics is a male-dominated, competitive environments that is populated by many shy, socially clumsy people. Therefore, it is not surprising that alcohol plays a huge role in this field, like apparently in most of the hard sciences. When people from … Continue reading

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The inverse impostor syndrome

Recently I received an aggressive e-mail from a respected professor, sharply critizing my work. He claimed that one of my results “must clearly be wrong”, and that my paper contained serious errors. It was enlightening to see how different reactions … Continue reading

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