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A journey into type-A-personality-land and back

Recently I was reading up on the term “type A personalities“, which I have seen used by academic bloggers to describe themselves. Apparently, type A personalities tend to be impatient, short-fused, efficient, organized, status-oriented, very competitive, quite aggressive, and most … Continue reading

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Should you do another postdoc?

Here is yet another article about the negative effect that having to do 2-3 postdocs before being able to apply for tenure-track positions has on people’s life, which has been widely shared and discussed on my facebook. I left academia … Continue reading

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Some lessons about living abroad

This fall I have now lived abroad for 5 years in a row, in two different countries, and in total I have spend 6.5 years living in 4 different countries away from home. I will move again in the next … Continue reading

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Do you really want to be a professor?

Having PhD students depend on you, some clinging to you, listening, fearing you. Other students evading you, hating you, unsuccessfully trying to trick you. Everybody in a secret circle of admiration around you, obsessing over you. You don’t even notice … Continue reading

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Application season

I have been in Holland for 2 years and therefore it is application season again. This reminds me of Berthold Brecht’s poem that goes something like: I don’t like to be where I came from. I don’t like to be … Continue reading

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