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Social anxiety in high school

Teaching teenagers and getting to know them is fascinating, and often makes me think about my own teenage years, and how defining they were for me. When I was a teenager, I was extremely performance-oriented. I felt that I had … Continue reading

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Too easy explanations

I spent a lot of my final years in academia being really angry about how ridiculously uncritical many of my fellow scientists are, and how little they actually care about the truth. Here is why: The goal of my subfield … Continue reading

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My unconscious motivations for doing natural sciences

I have often wondered what the deeper, unconscious motivations are for doing natural sciences — the true motivations, not the ones that we like to believe in, like ‘advancing human knowledge’ or ‘curiosity’ (although those are of course also important). … Continue reading

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The imposter syndrome

Apparently, many scientists agonize over ‘being found out’. They feel like they probably made some terrible mistakes along the way or that they probably totally misunderstood some important concepts. This is called the ‘imposter syndrome’ and, according to many recent … Continue reading

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