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How to overcome facebook status anxiety

Facebook is like watching a car accident in slow motion in a bad dream. One cannot look away. One even feels like one should perhaps say something about it. I am personally unable to come up with status updates. So … Continue reading

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Old, bitter, mediocre professors should not be in grant reviewing panels

I am writing an ERC starting grant, which is the main instrument of the European Union to support young researchers that want to start their own research group. This is a rather painful exercise, partially because I have to translate … Continue reading

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Lunch with an internet troll

Yesterday’s lunch conversation: A: “In my free time, I like to troll people on the internet. It is so funny if you go to some forum and make an outrageous statement, and all the stupid people think you are serious … Continue reading

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Why men should not make sex jokes around their female colleagues

“There is a woman around, so let’s not talk about this”, is something that I never hear from my Norther European/American colleagues. Probably most people stupidly think that is a good thing, even a sign of equality, of being liberated … Continue reading

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Who wins the conference?

Most of the time I go to conferences¬† and workshops with a certain initial enthusiasm. However. It takes only 1-2 days until conferences start to seriously get to me. I am sitting in a room with 50 other scientists in … Continue reading

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