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Do you really want to be a professor?

Having PhD students depend on you, some clinging to you, listening, fearing you. Other students evading you, hating you, unsuccessfully trying to trick you. Everybody in a secret circle of admiration around you, obsessing over you. You don’t even notice … Continue reading

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Who wins the conference?

Most of the time I go to conferences¬† and workshops with a certain initial enthusiasm. However. It takes only 1-2 days until conferences start to seriously get to me. I am sitting in a room with 50 other scientists in … Continue reading

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How drinking alcohol does not help me to make friends

Physics is a male-dominated, competitive environments that is populated by many shy, socially clumsy people. Therefore, it is not surprising that alcohol plays a huge role in this field, like apparently in most of the hard sciences. When people from … Continue reading

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Particle physics

Recently, I attended a conference with many talks of theoretical particle physicists. It was extremely entertaining, although I normally do not even understand the title of talks. It is just fascinating to watch these people and hear them talk. For … Continue reading

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