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Switzerland’s Stupidest Moment

One of the things I love about Switzerland is that every citizen can actively participate in shaping the future of the country. Every few months, I get a huge envelope with information on complex questions, and that I can give … Continue reading

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Gender bias in academic hiring, and dust

A new study has shown very clearly the existence of gender bias in scientific hiring: With exactly the same CV, male applicants are preferred over female ones. This reminds me of the following story that happened to me a while … Continue reading

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Why men should not make sex jokes around their female colleagues

“There is a woman around, so let’s not talk about this”, is something that I never hear from my Norther European/American colleagues. Probably most people stupidly think that is a good thing, even a sign of equality, of being liberated … Continue reading

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On being highly sensitive

Reading about ‘highly sensitive people‘ (HSP) is very calming for me — articles like this one seem to know me very well, and they tell me I am part of a normal variation within the human population. About 10-20% of … Continue reading

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The impact of motherhood on the lives of women: An analogy

Imagine you live in a world very similar to yours, except that there is a war that has been going on for centuries. The borders need to be protected against the Orks. As tradition dictates, this hard but honorable work … Continue reading

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