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A journey into type-A-personality-land and back

Recently I was reading up on the term “type A personalities“, which I have seen used by academic bloggers to describe themselves. Apparently, type A personalities tend to be impatient, short-fused, efficient, organized, status-oriented, very competitive, quite aggressive, and most … Continue reading

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How to overcome facebook status anxiety

Facebook is like watching a car accident in slow motion in a bad dream. One cannot look away. One even feels like one should perhaps say something about it. I am personally unable to come up with status updates. So … Continue reading

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Who wins the conference?

Most of the time I go to conferences¬† and workshops with a certain initial enthusiasm. However. It takes only 1-2 days until conferences start to seriously get to me. I am sitting in a room with 50 other scientists in … Continue reading

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Manipulating People 101

Yesterday, Clarissa wrote a great post about narcissists which I could not get out of my mind, and instead of posting a long comment,¬†I am going to extend Clarissa’s list here according to my own (very bad) experience with such … Continue reading

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