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Understanding Physics in High School

I am wondering if one of the problems that students with a fear of maths and physics have is that their mental concept of what “understanding something” means is not adapted to those subjects. For example, I had a very … Continue reading

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Rant about Interstellar (with SPOILERS)

Yesterday, I went to see Interstellar, Chrisopher Nolan’s new sci-fi movie that sounded very interesting to me, as it features a wormhole and travel to another galaxy, and a dystopian starting point. I was very disappointed though, both in terms … Continue reading

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Why the discovery of the Higgs is so important

Reading about particle physics is just mind-blowing. This must be most fantastic, most crazy, most amazing field of physics. It is so ridiculously deep and outlandish. ‘We have reached an incredible milestone’, I read everywhere in the newspapers, ‘the Higgs … Continue reading

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How to be an asshole in a scientific collaboration

Here are four easy ways in which to be an asshole as a co-author. (i) In case something goes wrong, like if you get a difficult referee report, or if the main author discovers a bug in their code far … Continue reading

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Pretending to be self-confident as a scientist

Recently, I got the following piece of advice: “You know, to be a professor, you do not have to be self-confident. You just have to appear self-confident. You do not have to change yourself at all. Just pretend! Privately, you … Continue reading

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