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Six disadvantages of “guess” culture

This post that was linked on Captain Awkward has really taught me something new about life, that I will not forget soon. In short, the idea explained in those posts is that there are two kinds of people: “ask” and … Continue reading

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Culture clash between introverts and extroverts

I’m an introverted person coming from an introverted family of computer programmers, bike mechanics and accountants. On top of that, introversion is quite accepted in the country I come from, which is probably one of the most introverted countries in … Continue reading

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Some lessons about living abroad

This fall I have now lived abroad for 5 years in a row, in two different countries, and in total I have spend 6.5 years living in 4 different countries away from home. I will move again in the next … Continue reading

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The friendship algorithm and the leaky pipe

I have agonized a lot about why I have not found a good friend at my new institute. In all other social structures I have been in my life for longer than about a year, I have found a person … Continue reading

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Keukenhof Post I — Tulips and Romance

I do not understand what some people mean by the word ‘romantic’. Why is a park full of brightly-coloured tulips romantic? Why do lovers feel the need to photograph each other among the tulips? Seriously, what is so romantic about … Continue reading

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