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Understanding Physics in High School

I am wondering if one of the problems that students with a fear of maths and physics have is that their mental concept of what “understanding something” means is not adapted to those subjects. For example, I had a very … Continue reading

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Rant about Interstellar (with SPOILERS)

Yesterday, I went to see Interstellar, Chrisopher Nolan’s new sci-fi movie that sounded very interesting to me, as it features a wormhole and travel to another galaxy, and a dystopian starting point. I was very disappointed though, both in terms … Continue reading

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Too easy explanations

I spent a lot of my final years in academia being really angry about how ridiculously uncritical many of my fellow scientists are, and how little they actually care about the truth. Here is why: The goal of my subfield … Continue reading

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Should you do another postdoc?

Here is yet another article about the negative effect that having to do 2-3 postdocs before being able to apply for tenure-track positions has on people’s life, which has been widely shared and discussed on my facebook. I left academia … Continue reading

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Old, bitter, mediocre professors should not be in grant reviewing panels

I am writing an ERC starting grant, which is the main instrument of the European Union to support young researchers that want to start their own research group. This is a rather painful exercise, partially because I have to translate … Continue reading

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