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How to overcome facebook status anxiety

Facebook is like watching a car accident in slow motion in a bad dream. One cannot look away. One even feels like one should perhaps say something about it. I am personally unable to come up with status updates. So … Continue reading

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On being highly sensitive

Reading about ‘highly sensitive people‘ (HSP) is very calming for me — articles like this one seem to know me very well, and they tell me I am part of a normal variation within the human population. About 10-20% of … Continue reading

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The friendship algorithm and the leaky pipe

I have agonized a lot about why I have not found a good friend at my new institute. In all other social structures I have been in my life for longer than about a year, I have found a person … Continue reading

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Social anxiety II – Rediscovering anger

For years, my tendency for delayed anger reactions has puzzled me. For example, I can spend an evening with a friend who makes a mean comment to me, or pressures me into doing something I don’t want. I register this … Continue reading

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Social anxiety — I. What I am afraid of

This recent post and the following discussion reminded me of the fact that I had wanted to write about social anxiety on this blog. A few months ago I finally realized that many of the difficulties I have had recently, … Continue reading

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