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Some of my favourite novels

I wish I had a good book to read, one that makes me stop checking the news, where nothing new is happening anyway (it turns out it is actually pretty boring to watch exponential curves flatten and it is even … Continue reading

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COVID-19 tests not being used

Many countries struggle with insufficient testing capabilities. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, hospitals and labs say that they could be doing many more tests with their newly bought machinery but are not allowed to. Because the government does not want to loosen … Continue reading

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Base jumping and COVID-19

One of the things that is quite tiring about this whole crisis is how many lies and dumb conspiracy theories are repeated anywhere you look. Especially annoying are the people who still claim that this disease is not that dangerous. … Continue reading

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You are not living in a dystopia

Annoying article of the day complaining earnestly that dystopian TV series and books didn’t prepare us for the current crisis, which the author in all seriousness claims is “the apocalypse.” This is as intelligent as complaining that reading hundreds of … Continue reading

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Pandemic Internet Poetry (PIP)

This is internet poetry, strictly following the rules outlined by elkement (check out the wonderful poem that she created this way!). I also really enjoyed the somewhat strange websites that I ended up at the end the journey with both … Continue reading

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