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Dutch women don’t work full-time

I have always wondered why there seems to be an endless parade of 40-50 year old Dutch women on the streets here, obviously enjoying an afternoon off with their friends or going shopping. Mostly look very similar, with hair dyed … Continue reading

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Why men should not make sex jokes around their female colleagues

“There is a woman around, so let’s not talk about this”, is something that I never hear from my Norther European/American colleagues. Probably most people stupidly think that is a good thing, even a sign of equality, of being liberated … Continue reading

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Racism, sexism, and brain scans

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this quote in a great article on hipster racism on Jezebel: “If you claim that you are not a racist person (…) then you must believe that people are fundamentally born equal. So if that’s true, … Continue reading

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The impact of motherhood on the lives of women: An analogy

Imagine you live in a world very similar to yours, except that there is a war that has been going on for centuries. The borders need to be protected against the Orks. As tradition dictates, this hard but honorable work … Continue reading

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Why do women leave science?

There are many programs going on trying to lure more girls into studying engineering and physics (some good, some bad), which seems, at first sight, great; but sometimes I wonder. Shouldn’t we first make sure that the women who are … Continue reading

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